News Release
ColdChase & Cargovision Reach Exclusive GSA Aviation Sector Agreement
September 12, 2022

ColdChase Inc., is a manufacturer of reusable, global, real-time asset tracking, and monitoring systems for cargo shipments. Our trackers measure global positioning, temperature, humidity, shock and vibration, barometric pressure, light sensing, and air quality. ColdChase has engaged Cargovision as their exclusive global General Sales Agent (GSA). Cargovision is a member of the Expair Cargo family, who are providers of air cargo reservation platforms from airport to airport (warehouse, road connections, air carriers).

ColdChase CEO, Rosy Amlani states “We are excited to work together with Cargovision, as our global GSA for the aviation sector. Over the past two decades the team at Cargovision has been successful creating and delivering customized IT platforms to the aviation sector. Together with ColdChase’s real-time sensor intelligence, we will deliver a powerful new capability to the cargo industry.”

Cargovision Director of Development, Normand Fonseca is quoted as saying, “We are very impressed with this new, unique, reusable tracking technology. The cargo industry has been waiting for this technology for decades. It is an excellent tracking solution on multiple fronts and in this era of environmental sustainability, the reusability is truly industry leading. We look forward to collaborating with ColdChase going forward.”

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